(Oh, the fun we've had!)

Band Group Picture

Singing praises to our Lord!
Band on Stage 1

Jon and Jeff Laura and Emile I think we need to pull things together here . . .

Gettin' it together.
Gettin' together

Emile with Frizbee
Playing frizbee and guitar can really wear a guy out!

    Decisions, decisions...

Da' Boyz
(or, those guys who hide in the back)
Da' boyz
Chris, Laura, and Emile
Why do people like us?
Is it the shades . . .
the hat . . .
Laura's great voice . . .

or the way we praise God!

Our God is an awesome God...
Band on Stage 2

Int. Youth Rally Fans

A huge THANK YOU to everyone at the WELS International Youth Rally who helped us worship and praise our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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